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The Cat Multiplier

Ever wonder how quickly stray cats can multiply and become a problem?


Feral ColonyStart with one young breeding pair. Assume they will have two litters of kittens a year, that 2.8 kittens in the litter will survive, and the cats will breed for 10 years. Factor in all the cats born into the formula and this is how overpopulation occurs:

Year 1: 12
Year 2: 66
Year 3: 382
Year 4: 2,201
Year 5: 12,680
Year 6: 73,041
Year 7: 420,715
Year 8: 2,423,316
Year 9: 13,968,290
Year 10: 80,399,780


  • Spay/neuter your cat(s)
  • Help with trapping/spaying feral cat colonies. (If you are feeding strays and not “fixing” them you are adding to the problem.) Discount rates are available for ferals.
  • Make a generous donation to Stray Aid & Rescue so we can continue to spay/neuter feral colonies in Broward County. 954-816-0799

Feral Colony

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